Activities that You can Do in Lamu Island

Lamu Island is a majestic place that you can go on your next vacation. If you are used to making the rounds in different museums through or going to canals and streets as you traverse through the stalls and boutiques during your visit to Jordaan Amsterdam sights, it will be a welcome change for you to go to Lamu Island. This island is part of the huge continent of Africa in the archipelago of Kenya. It is a beautiful place full of wonders and splendor. If you are going to Lamu Island, here are some activities that you may want to schedule during your stay here in this lovely island.


Walk Along the Beach

If you are used to the sights and sounds of the city, then Lamu island is a great place to escape your usual surroundings and be engulfed inside the beauty of this awesome town. Lamu Island is full of sandy beaches. These beaches are not the usual shores that you walk on because there is no existing foot traffic in the area. It will seem that you are the only person in that place because of the numerous deserted beaches in the area. You can unwind, go into deep thoughts, read a book, or write the best story of your life while you are on the beach.

Walk On the Streets

AfricaThis is a very different street from your usual city walk. Lamu town is one of the oldest towns in Kenya. As you visit this place, you will notice that a lot of the old structures are still maintained and taken care of here. You will have a feel of the 12th-century era as you walk the narrow streets of Lamu town. You will see the huge markets, the vintage style doors, and even the donkeys that walk alongside people in Lamu town. It will be quite an amazing experience to live and breathe the air of Lamu Island as you enjoy the exotic beauty of the town.

Stay at an Original Townhouse

If you want to see and feel how it is to live in an old Swahili house, you can book a house in Lamu town that allows guests to stay inside ancient homes. Many of these houses are homes to ex-pats and other foreigners. These houses are turned into bed & breakfast inns for other tourists to stay in.