About Us

Discover the Untold Wealth of Destinations and Experiences in Lamu

Lamu World Heritage Site started with a vision: To let the world know about Lamu’s bountiful and undiscovered beauty.

We’ve been proactive to our cause and have raised the dedication to make this humble town a world-renowned favorite. Today, we’re known as a go-to website of many individuals curious about Lamu.

Short on experience, but full of passion and determination, we used our knowledge of our hometown to deliver an exceptional message across the world: Lamu is a beautiful gift of nature to mankind.

We’ve grown our vision into an inspiration. We provide useful content, exceptional discoveries, and comforting services every day. With our growing number of unique visitors, Lamu World Heritage Site has slowly welcomed companies to advertise their brand in our platform.

We share our local virtues, culture, and products that spoke to their unique abundance, grace, and wealth. We’ve amassed the attention of readers, explorers, and curious-seekers in the world.

The team is spearheaded by Mr. Jafari, a local enthusiast of Lamu. Growing up in his native land, he used all his discoveries and experiences into the creation of this website. Much of the content, pictures, and trinkets you get from this platform is through his benevolent recollection and continuous exploration of Lamu.

He is gracefully supported by his crew of passionate writers and adventurers. Each has contributed significantly to this website, especially in realizing the success of our mission. We are grateful to be a part of this energetic, cooperative, and competent team. And more importantly, it’s our pride to show Lamu to the world.

Whether you are a curious traveler in Lamu or a talented individual wishing to join our crew, please feel free to talk to us. We will be pleased to assist you.